The Master Key: Unlock the Power of Black Sapphire Sorcery


This in-depth session will unlock the way to deeper studies. It will focus on mastering the narrative universe that is always vying for your time, energy, focus, attention, and alignment with its demands.

Be sure to check your email for your password and a detailed video explanation about how to access your session and coursework.





During this 2-hour experience, you will:

  • Delve into all the anxiety you are trying to keep at bay and harvest its power;
  • Learn what your hooks are and how you fall prey to them (and to other people’s manipulation) in stupendous acts of self-sabotage or just lose time to distraction (equally bad);
  • Get the final puzzle piece you need to become a Master of the Narrative Universe;
  • Have an experience of extracting yourself from a malignant narrative that is exerting a huge amount of pressure;
  • Experience your power as you spin a new narrative that puts you at the center of your life; and
  • Develop and activate the protective power of your Maverick Mission (which exists outside the narrative universe and apart from other people’s influence).

You will also get access to pre-work so you are prepared for your session and one week of written, post-session training via The Ruby Mirror private platform.

I pay exquisite attention to everything you reveal and we use it all to enhance your personal power and discernment during these tumultuous times.