Antivenom Cocktails: 3 Months of Unassailable Spirits (6 Sessions)


AV Cocktails Are Ruby Red Protection from All the Ways You Fuck Yourself

This class is for women who have carried the load of other people’s needs and other people’s transgressions, but anyone brave enough can take it.

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  • Six 55-minute sessions (every 2 weeks for 12 weeks);
  • One custom, master-your-self, “cocktail” specifically designed to unfuck your life in any situation (includes custom art and a short, custom ebook);
  • A selection of pre-mixed “cocktails” consisting of course materials, journal prompts, and a private journal where you can write notes about anything you wish;
  • Your own private, custom, VIP support forum (just you and me) where you will book and attend your Zoom meetings, ask questions, share insights, and receive post-appointment, written support.

The following serums are included:

  • Slaughter the Poor Little Lamb (no actual lambs are harmed);
  • Selfish Serum;
  • Stay Alive Serum;
  • Stand Your Ground Serum;
  • Sovereign Serum;
  • Selection Serum;
  • Separation Serum;
  • Strong Serum;
  • Sin Serum;
  • Sober-Up Serum;
  • Sapphire Serum; and
  • Synergy Serum.